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2021 Challenge - Building Stronger Neighborhoods

We know our communities are full of people and organizations doing good, such as youth groups offering yard clean ups. But these groups do not always have an easy way to publicize their services in their community. So often, these organizations and services do not get the voice that they deserve. Additionally, many residents do not know where to go for helpful services in their neighborhoods. The 2021 hackathon seeks to address these issues by creating an accessible and inclusive solution.

If we can enable those who typically do not have access to great technology to easily broadcast their services...and if we can enable easy updates...then anyone can find helpful services for those who need it. And by connecting residents with services provided by their neighbors, we can build stronger community ties.

In addition to including the important social services offered by state and local authorities, our hackathon's challenge is to design a platform that is so inclusive that any organization - regardless of size, type or technology capabilities - can help connect the community together. Of course, there are serious considerations including:

  • How to make the solution accessible to all in our community - regardless of access to computers
  • How to make information easily entered and updated
  • How to vet the information to ensure that it is trustworthy
  • How to enable integration with other apps or systems that may benefit the community

While there are historical organizations that provide critical services, we need to create a platform and process to easily incorporate other organizations and services.

This can get the larger community much more involved…and as we strengthen ties between neighbors, we lay the building blocks for making our neighborhoods, and the city itself, stronger.

Come join us on 8/13-8/29 to create solutions that could be "game changers" in your neighborhood! Register for the Indy Civic Hackathon at: https://indycivichack.hackerearth.com

How it All Started

In 2014, Brian Norris and Matt Kirby had an idea to encourage governments to open up more data sets. It resonated with people and over the years has been a unique community-focused annual event.

Many great ideas to help government agencies have been created. We've evolved to include government agencies, non-profits, community groups and all citizens to help remove barriers to inclusive growth in our region. So take a little time and help your community. Enter your email below for more information on how you can be a part of this important event.

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Who Should Attend

We Need Everyone!

This is an event for EVERYONE to explore how technology can help our community. Of course, many developers (students, professionals) but anyone with an interest in using technology to help our community is welcome.

Anyone in community groups who deal with these community issues are especially encouraged to be part of a team. Even if you are not tech-y person, your knowledge is invaluable to developers. Additionally, designers, business analysts, QA engineers, DevOps Engingeers and just about anyone in the tech community is encouraged to join a team.

Hear from Subject Matter Experts

If you're curious about the hackathon but not sure you know much about the topic to make a difference, don't worry! Through presentations and Q&A, we'll bring subject matter experts to help inform your solution.

Reinventing Experiences

Often times, big problems need a different approach. The Civic Hackathon is known for teams reinventing processes or experiences to make it better for all our citizens. Come out and do your part to redefine experiences!

Learn and Collaborate

Whether you have something to learn or something to teach, we want and need you! Even if you want to take on a role that you normally don't perform in your job (or classes) this is a safe environment where everyone is lifted up and respected...if you've been in tech for 2 months or 20 years!

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